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Beagle Halloween 2011

OurBeagle Halloween tookplaceon29.10.2011on the "Beaglewiese".We couldwelcomed 12beagleswiththeirappendages-andwecertainlyhave persecuted all spiritswithour good mood(andloudbarking:D ).As long asthe four-legged played on the grasswehavekept us warmwith Punch-and all cakes Halloweenkind.White ghosts, witchfingersorwormmuffinslandedonour plates...

Ourbeaglesparticipated ona funnyjoketournament, ifthe fungoes on, beagles are the best partner - well,Imustthink for the future about more "difficult" excercisesandtaskes,becausethe dogswerevery well behaved. They were notdistractedandeven thetaskof balancinga traywitha glass ofwater,hangingdowna sausagebrought them notout of the rest!

Allparticipantswere givenprizes, the main prizewent tothetop rankedKira (Vienna CallingAll OrNothing),a rosetteand aBeaglepillow.Kirawell done!

Fourpuppiesfrom our A-litterwere there, Ferdinand (Vienna CallingAdvantagePlayer),Kira (Vienna CallingAll OrNothning), Diamond (Vienna CallingAce ofDiamonds),of course, ourOlive (ViennaCalling AllIn) andevenourbestbeaglefriends, thank youto Bo&Fame, Jeffi&Angelfor the coming!

That wasprobablythe lastmeeting forthe upcomingtime for ourDreamy -even thoughshe was with herpot bellystillfitt (andnoisily barked for extra foodrations), she needsalreadypeace,yetjust twoweeks beforethe expectedtime of birth...Itisexciting!