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C-Litter Birthday Party 2013

We hardly believe how fast time flies - for our 7th Family Party the theme was self-evident... our  C - Hot & Spicy puppies will be one year old on the 30th of November. And as it already has to be like this at us - we invite for the first Birthday all the birthday puppies with their families, all Vienna Callings plus some beagle friends. Unfortunately this time more canceled short time due to sicknesses - we wish all concerned dogs and humans a fast recovery!  

The presents were already ordered - came at time - and were mostly sent per post. It would be hard to meet all of them for this litter on this day, but if it don't goes, the present has to bring joy to them far away! As always, we hope that the with the name embroiled collars make you happy! 

But the question was still open, where to meet this time!? By that weather and of course with the puppies to make a party exclusively outdoor was not an option. Many thanks to the voluntary firemen Oberstockstall that we could use their rooms - they also put up a fence for us, so could the dogs also play outside. In order to naturally take care not only about the dogs, was beef goulash and schnitzel with various supplements on the menu - Thomas cared about that none went home hungry, that's for sure! We also could have filled our mugs for the first time this year with punch, and Birgit spoiled us with delicious cakes. Thank you!

By the time we were finished eating, the dogs were already also somewhat tired, and of course they have enjoyed with us the warm place - I have to mention here, despite open kitchen and food left without survey on the buffet table, none of the beagles stole anything - I think for that reason alone we can all be proud of our dogs!

Beside the gifted birthday puppies Flo (Vienna Calling Cinnamon Flower) and Bumble (Vienna Calling Cayenne Pepper) we also prepared a small present to the representants of our B-litter Mono (Vienna Calling Butterfly Effect) and Charlie (Vienna Calling Being John Malkovich) who were 2 year old last week! 

A quiz about dogs and some other presensts - and so ended the day... the small E-puppies got a lot of cuddles and spent a day with playing and sleeping. The two Masha (Beyonce Spotty Friend) puppies, Dollar (Vienna Calling Dollars To Donuts) and Bonita (Vienna Calling Daddy's Little Girl) played in the meantime with the big ones and after they only looked for comfy lap places to sleep.  

We were very happy that we meet again Maya (Vienna Calling Active Player) with her 'big' family - one's heart goes on! Aunt Maya could have a look at her sister's, Olive's (Vienna Calling All In) puppies and to play with her mum, Dreamy (Maglodi Biggy-Boys Dream). 

Thanks also to our special guests, Ari and Piet for coming! Anytime welcome!

Thank you also at this point for the coming - and thank you, that some of you bought something from our little Christmas market which the revenue will be used to invite and host you again like this on the following parties! Also thanks for the presents we got - and for the yummy jams Roman brought for us!
PS: And what we have forgotten - bingo! No group photo again!