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D & E-Litter Birthday Party 2014

We invited our birthday kids from the D - Kids of Destiny und E - Flower Power litter and all Vienna Callings for a birthday party. As our spring party was held by stormy rain, we were worried about the weather, and we quarted us into the firehouse of Oberstockstall. We would have been able to plan a hiking this time - bright sun was waiting for our beaglefriends. At the end the weather does what it wants to to! So that we let run our dogs in our yard, we had a comfortable lunch - a little dog quiz and we gifted the birthday puppies. Of course, as usualy, those who were not present won't also stay without a present. 

That was a lovely small meeting - we hope all felt well and thanks again for your coming! It is for us always a big happiness to see again our offspring!

Thanks also for the yummy cakes, the presents but above all for your being here!

The list of the participants is not that long - from our A-litter was our Olive (Vienna Calling All In) present, from the B-litter Mono (Vienna Calling Butterfly Effect) and Charlie (Vienna Calling Being John Malkovich), from the C-litter two "foreigners" Flo (Vienna Calling Cinnamon Flower) from Slovakia and Ariel (Vienna Calling Clementine Clove) from Italy, and the birthday pups from the D-litter Bonita (Vienna Calling Daddy's Little Girl), Dana (Vienna Calling Dana My Dear) and Henry (Vienna Calling Duke of Wolves) and from the E-litter Charly (Vienna Calling English Bluebell) and Mallow (Vienna Calling Evening Sundrop) but beside this there were also some lovely beaglefriends! Thanks also to Ari, Carry, Lissa, Zoe and Rory for the coming!