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Meet The Pack - Family Day 2019

We have hold our family day on the 08.09.2019 - we learned from the weather from the last years so we booked this year in time a whole facility: a big indoor-hall and an outdoor ground in Königstetten, by Tulln. However the weather was this year splendid and about 50 beagles were having their fun outdoors and indoors. We had as always a lovely day with funny games and great food.

Many thanks to our puppy families for the surprise for us - the lovely collages with the photos from our puppies will be decorate our puppy room and the unique fire pit with the beagle and our logo will be on cold evenings surely an eyecatcher! Thank you for thinking of us!

We are already looking forward to next year with you! 

Thanks to Husse, Grau, Josera and Wildborn for the sponsoring!