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Spring Party 2013

The spring cheated us a little - and our spring meeting was a wet opportunity, but we hope all had fun, despite the rain! We were at the dog school AHSKTraiskirchen - a very nice, large dog school where our beagles had a huge area to run around. The team of the dog training school also expected that the owner of the beagles are sometimes just as greedy as their dogs and had prepared us delicious schnitzel with homemade salads! Thank you!

While the 15 dogs have played the owners should have tested their knowledge about the beagles and dogs and they have filled out a quiz. I'm sure everyone has learned something new. ;) Then some games even with the dogs - and that was the end of the fun... asit has started to rain properly. Too bad.
Up to now you can bake the doggy treats after the recipe - and I hope you liked my works and the toys! If things go on with the parties, soon I'll create great works of art - giving gifts is fun!
Thanks to all who came from the Vienna Callings! From our Casino puppies: Olive (Vienna Calling All In), from the American Movies: Mono (Vienna Calling Butterfly Effect), Flash (Vienna Calling Behind Enemy Lines) and Charlie (Vienna Calling Being John Malkovich) and from the Hot & Spicies: Mona (Vienna Calling Cinnamon Myrtle), Flo (Vienna Calling Cinnamon Flower), Bumble (Vienna Calling Cayenne Pepper) and Marlon (Vienna Calling Cedar Berry)!