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Am Graben 28
3470 Kirchberg am Wagram

XI. Meet The Pack 2016

The this year family day was pure success I think. Lots of nice people and a big bunch of great dogs. Fun, great chats. nice food, some games and quiz and the newest competition - the cake contest! This was amazing all the work you all did and what tasty creations were brought! Thank you so much for your coming and thanks to Lisa who again let us have her place, the dogschool Dog Cooperation for use. It is an amazing nice place and both humans and dogs really enjoyed. The Quiz was again maybe a bit tricky but as always it was a great fun! See you again next year!

The participants:

From the A-litter: Olive (Vienna Calling All In

From the B-litter: Mono (Vienna Calling Butterfly Effect), Charlie (Vienna Calling Being John Malkovich

From the C-litter: Mona (Vienna Calling Cinnamon Myrtle)

From the D-litter: Bonita (Vienna Calling Daddy's Little Girl), Dana (Vienna Calling Dana My Dear), Oscar (Vienna Calling Date With Destiny), Dollar (Vienna Calling Dollars To Donuts)

From the G-litter: Mona (Vienna Calling Grande Amore)

From the H-litter: Max (Vienna Calling Hixon Ruby Crystal)

From the I-litter: Freya (Vienna Calling I Am Legend). HofratCharly (Vienna Calling I`m From Austria), Sir Henri (Vienna Calling Instant Karma)

From the J-litter: Witch (Vienna Calling Judy Garland), Hubert (Vienna Calling Jim Morrison), Einstein (Vienna Calling John Lennon)

And of course, our pack and some special friends!