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A long trip and great success - Crufts 2018

Well yes, we are addicted to Crufts. It is not just told to be the World`s greatest dogshow - it is! None can`t top the great organization, the politeness, the friendly athmosphere by the ringside, the amazing big green carpet and of course, the quality and the quantity of the concurrence. Someone who owns and breeds an English breed has to see Crufts! And we actually returned once more. No matter how exhausting the trip is and how many days we need to recover from it - every minute was worth of it!

Our main goal was to show our Foxhounds in their home country and to meet their breeder again. Of course, we could not travel without Beagles so we took Olive first time into veterans and Odin was able to get a qualification last year so he could came with us. To get a qualification on the Continent is totally different from the system in the UK. We only have some shows dedicated to be Crufts qualifier and on this shows only winner of junior class and best adult male/female gets the ticket for Crufts. European and World Dogshows also qualify this way - only the junior winners, the veterans and the European/World Winners gets a qualification. The way we can get a Crufts qualification for life is by finishing the International Champion with our dogs - this also takes several wins in different countries and a time limitation. 

We took the long road again... and travelled two days to get there and two to get back. Still we tried to organize everything to make this journey the most comfortable for our dogs. It is not the same to work in the ring with dogs who came from the other part of the world or just drove some miles from their home to get to the showground. Nevertheless we are happy with them and we certainly had loads of fun. 

There was no love for our Beagles in the ring this time - even though outside the ring Olive (Vienna Calling All In) earned a lots of cuddles and treats with her happy being. Her tail never stopped waggling and she moved like a dream. The sausage at the end of the veteran class was more than deserved! Of course, she was also amazing in the open class but she could not hold with the much younger class - it is absolutely alright. Odin (Vienna Calling Lemon Cheesecake) was also much appreciated - from outside the ring. He did what he can best! He was the clown of the day! 

Our Foxhounds were late in the ring. We were all stressed up because it was first time for us showing two breeds at Crufts. I have to say, the ring personal was very friendly and helpful. The breeder of our hounds also got in time to the ring so we had some short chat which I wish we could be able to continue soon! It was very nice to see the emotions as Carolyne and Ali met the hounds - Topic was totally happy but Prof thought no, they kept me away so I don`t want cuddles of them! What a typical behavior! 

It was interesting to see concurrence by the ring, I was a bit speechless to see the use of haltis on some of the dogs. These tools are forbidden at us. It was very learnful to see the differences and to compare the hounds. We were not expecting nothing. Our dogs were tired so we were but Thomas did the best with them as usually. Our dogs were very nice in the move but we also know their not so perfect points. We were happy to see Prof (Haughmill Prefect) getting second in his class and going res. Best Dog! But then she came - Topic (Haughmill Here To Stay) usually needs a bit more time to get confident in the ring and this time she was moving as it has to be. She was winning the Open class, she went Best Bitch and at the end she was awarded Best Opposite Sex! What a wonderful moment to us! We wish, the concurrence would also take the effort for the breed and show them also on the continent so that this amazing breed gets more known. We are looking forward to the European and World Dog Show later this year!

Beside the dog show part we of course enjoyed once more the fabulous and famous Crufts dinner among our friends in the dogworld and we spent a great time with our British family and loads of good friends by the showring... it is always nice to catch up and really hope to see you soon! 

Thanks to all for this amazing experience again... 

 Photos by Carrie Southerton Photography - Carolyne Cowan, Bjorn Bonello, SCW Photography