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Elliot is Junior World Winner 2019

Of course, a World Dog Show in China has split the dog world - some did not mind it, but the others have "boycotted" it (mostly from home and from the couch) - why go to a country where "dog meat is on the menu"?


Some facts have to be clarified on this topic.


The world's largest dog breed organization, the FCI organizes a World Dog Show every year - the FCI is divided into 5 so-called geographical sections: Europe; South, Central America and Caribic; Asia; Africa; Australia and Oceania. This exhibition is therefore always taking place elsewhere - and not always in Europe. It is clear to everyone that exhibitions in Europe can reach larger numbers, but the other sections have the same rights, and a World Dog Show outside the center of  the dog activities also has other benefits. In this case, the advantage was just the opposite of what people had to expose: an event of great size is a great way to show, especially to the younger generation, that dogs are not called man's best friend for nothing. The Chinese Kennel Union and the FCI have been working together for years in the background with educational programs to change the image of the dog in China.


It is a bad idea to think, in China, dog meat is eaten everywhere and from everyone. No one denies that in their tradition dogs are sometimes kept as livestock for their meat. But more than 50.000.000 dogs live in China as family pets, who usually live an absolutely spoiled luxury life - with dogruns, dog pools, day care and much more - as so often, generalization is once again out of place.


We already had "personal" dog experiences with China before this World Dog Show. A male from our kennel moved to Beijing with his family for a few years. We have seen his travel arrangements, how well he has survived the flight and kept getting news from Beijing. And no, he was not eaten ...


We also know from our own experience, since we were dealing with airfreight, plus some members of our puppy families are working for airlines and we flew with our puppies or sent some with certified shipping entrepreneurs to for example South Africa on the way how easy our beagles experience a flight - we have to say it honestly, they are actually more relaxed than we are.


We consider ourselves open people.


We are of course against any animal cruelty - we are against Yulin Festival, and when it comes to helping with our own hands then we are right there. Animal welfare from the couch is not our thing. But we are also curious people who like to get a picture on our own.


In addition, we like get ourselves proven on foreign terrain. We are almost every time since 2009 at World Dog Shows or European Dog Shows or at the Crufts ... We have our dogs  shown from England, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, to the Ukraine, Netherlands, Germany, and the Czech Republic, etc. in these shows at the most diverse judges and competitors. This time it was also a dose of curiosity because the Asian breeders and their dogs are rarely found in Europe - for them it would be just as a long journey and enormous costs as it was for us this time.


So we decided it, no matter what others think or say (it's the least anyone dares to say something us directly), we show our youth in China. With no expectations, just to be there. To set a sign, we Europeans support our Chinese breeder mates, the breed dog associations that are working to change the status of dogs in China and to see and let ourselves seen. We guessed it, our two siblings will take it very easy - they are "cool socks" in every situation. So we have prepared the trip - let rabies titer levels determine, obtained health certificates from the official veterinarian,  let visa done, sent applications, paid documentation fees, booked hotel,  booked flight, bought the largest dog box for the flight, booked the flight  for the dogs and so on...


If it had not been enough, we also practiced - so we should not exaggerate. Zoe Zauner, the winner of the age group 1 2018 in junior handling and the representative of Austria on the WDS practiced with Ebony. They searched and found each other, a dream team developed in the front our eyes. They successfully completed a test run in Austria at the double exhibition in Graz and they got better day by day. They had regular press events - sometimes with the mayor of Kirchberg am Wagram, sometimes with the provincial governor of Lower Austria, then Zoe spoke on the radio about her trip to China. I felt like the secretary of Ebony! Even if they did not reach the podium in Shanghai, we are really proud of Zoe and Ebony! Zoe was the youngest and as "Austria" the first to run in the big ring - and they have done the job with Ebony on a professional way! Keep it up Zoe, you're doing great! And you and Ebony are our dream team!


The journey to and from China was easy and simple - not like you read it in social media. The organization impeccable, the staff helpful. If you had the documents as they requested (in every email and every time you logged in on their registration page) correctly, everything went smoothly.


As expected, the registration numbers were lower, as if the exhibition had been organized in the middle of Europe. For that the judge panel was strongly put together. I dare to say, and not because we got a title to Austria, if these judges did not have correspondingly excellent dogs in the ring they would not have given a title.

The week in Shanghai was definitely worth the trip - interesting discussions, experiences in a completely different world, new acquaintances, many new impressions. And a Junior World Winner for Austria. I think we can be proud.

Thus we come to the results:

WDS China Circuit incl. World Dog Show judges Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Gopi Krishnan, Luis Catalan, Yang Wang, Tamas Jakkel and Stefan Sinko (WDS):

Ebony - Vienna Calling Question Of Time:2x rJCC

Elliot - Vienna Calling Quality Time: 5xJCC, 2x RWD, 3x Junior Best Opposite Sex, 2x Junior Best Of Breed, 1x Junior Reserve Best Of Group

Chinese Junior Champion



Ebony and Elliot Best Beagle Brace WDS'19!


We say thank you for the congratulations and all the lovely words from those who can be happy for us!