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Wieselburg - a day of superlatives

The exhibition tour continues. Our show team was  presented on Saturday in Wieselburg and Ebony had on Sunday also a performance in Junior Handling with Zoe.

Why are these shows so important? Is it just about collecting trophies? Are there any "valuable" prizes to win? What are these many shortcuts?

Because you ask it again and again... I sit down now and write some about the topic.

Trophies are of course beautiful - but all those who have visited us, know it exactly, there are plenty in the puppy room. Whether a trophy more or less - no one would notice. There are no money prizes - on the contrary. There are registration fees, travel costs, accommodation costs - so that's not the goal. We tend to say that if you put everything together (and you do not, otherwise you'll be sick) it's a luxury.

So why?

The first shows took place in England, the home of pedigree dog breeding in the 18th century. At that time, the dog shows were more displays of the breeding stock. The breeding dogs and the offspring were presented and judged. It was the only opportunity for breeders to meet and follow the evolution of the breed.

In Austria, the first dog show was held in Vienna in 1863.

The dogs are always judged by the standard of the breed by a confirmation judge. The standard is the description of a dog as determined by the country of origin of the breed, where all the preferred visual characteristics and remarks on the desired nature of a breed are given. Also noted in the standard is a brief description of the historical outline of a breed, as well as breed-disqualification characteristics.

So if you look at the history of the dog shows, this was always closely linked to the breed. The goal was always to find the dog that most closely matches the breed standard, according to the judge of the day. Of course, it is undisputed that many exhibitors - partially also us - also visit the exhibitions because of the fun and are happy when our dogs win many trophies and new beauty titles.

For us as breeders, the exhibitions are important, because we are interested in the opinion of the judges - we want to know how they judge our breeding and our offspring. Although we try to deal with our dogs very critically - of course they are the most beautiful and best for our heart but we as breeders also have to keep a critical eye and always measure ourselves against the breed standard. Objective opinions of different judges remain nevertheless very important. In addition, the exhibitions are a good venue to meet and get know new breed representatives and to expand our breeding plans. We meet the breeder colleagues, acquaintances and friends that we sometimes only see there - sometimes relationships develop that last long and lead across continents. We can sometimes see our offspring, who may be in another country in another breeding, at an exhibition  only(and then often tears are running...).


Why is it interesting for you as a visitor?

For puppy interested it is very advisable to visit a dog show. Although we are often under stress but if you talk to us, we take us (probably after judging) time to show you our dogs and tell you a lot about the breed. We can talk about our litter planning and, if you wish, make a non-binding appointment to visit us. You can see many beagles on an exhibition - address different breeders and get a picture of the diversity of the breed. There is no better place to see many beagles at once.

Of course there are no obligations with us - even if you would get from a litter the "most beautiful" puppy, it is not a must to go to dog shows. But if you feel like doing it, we are happy to assist you in this endeavor. How exactly it works, you can read about it here.

So let's go back to our results in Wieselburg...


IDS Wieselburg (A) 11.05.2019 judges Istvan Nagy (SRB) - breed and Best Junior Of The Day, Dr. Otto Schimpf (A) -  Best Brace, Otakar Vondrous (CZ) - Breeding Group

Elliot - Vienna Calling Quality Time: Junior Class, exc1, Junior Winner, Best Junior of Breed - Res. Best Junior Of The Day!

Ebony - Vienna Calling Question Of Time: Junior Class, exc1, Junior Winner

Milla - Vienna Calling Oriental Pearl:Intermediate Class, exc1, CACA

Witch - Vienna Calling Judy Garland: Champion Class, exc1, CACA, CACIB - Best Opposite Sex!


Ebony & Elliot - Best Brace: 1 place!

"Vienna Calling" - Breeding Group: 1 place!

Many thanks to Zoe Zauner, Birgit Hoch, János Turzó and Michael Martin Gonaus for your help!


On Sunday:

Zoe Zauner & Ebony: Junior Handling: 3 place! 


Photos: Mak Dodan / Natascha Hochhold - ProDog Photography