• The Christmas tree - is mainly very exciting for young dogs. To avoid that it falls, be sure to fix it properly. Also keep attention that the beagle don't drinks out of the Christmas tree stand as the essential oils of the pine can irritate the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Mistletoe, poinsettias and Christmas roses are also poisonous for dogs!


Christmas time is something special, we are decorating with excitement, baking cookies, we put up a Christmas tree - our dogs are all around and they are also looking forward to the happenings. But we have to keep in mind that Christmas time has also some dangers for our dogs.

  • The balls out of glass or china, the Christmas candles and the tinsel can be dangerous for dogs. Burning candles can easily fall down and cause fire. Broken balls can cause injuries. If the tinsel gets chewed and swallowed it can cause intestinal obstruction. By light chains keep these out of biting possibility.
  • Decorating sprays and fake snow can be licked off  - they can be poisonous
  • Chocolate, mainly dark one is also poisonous for the dog. It contains coffeine and theobromine. This can cause heart troubles. 20-30 gramms of chocolate can be dangerous for a small dog.