We have puppies!

We are excited about the arrival of our M2 & N2 litters!

If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us.

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M2 litter - 04.06.2024
Vienna Calling Endless Emotion x Vienna Calling Judy Garland

N2 litter - 09.06.2024
Vienna Calling Lemon Cheesecake x Petite Etoile de la Voix du Der


Our self chosen mission in life must be done with lot of time and effort, where the dog, our partner needs a lots of love and understanding, and should be considered as an individual.

Our dogs are family members who live with us and share our everyday life hundred percently. They're all unique, they are not considered as a basis for a production.

First commandment is breeding good tempered healthy dogs

We can only put extremely well-natured dogs into the breeding. Our "breeding dogs" are characterized by health, mental strength, benevolence, calm character, and hunting ability. When that all is completed by beauty, which corresponds to the standard, the basis is done for good breeding.

Our offspring has proven many times that the sleepless nights spent with planning our future litters, choosing the most complementary stud partner, analyzing pedigrees and health tests - our breeding efforts - are worth to it.

We place the highest value on socialization and shaping, our puppies leave us with already well-founded basis to settle quickly into the lives of their new families. We are convinced that good base is the key to harmonious human-dog relationships, and give our best in raising our puppies.

Raising with heart and knowledge - only the best for our puppies

Our breeders tasks do not end with the leaving of our puppies - no matter if the small dog comes into a "show home", is used for hunting, are dog sports destinated for his future, or if he will be "just" a beloved pet of a family - all are parts of our Vienna Calling extended family.

As a "New Age" breeder we offer our friendship also with each puppy - we answer the best possible way all questions, caring is a priority for us. We regularly organize meetings where everyone is welcome, and look forward to the feedback, messages and photos of the puppies.

Helena & Thomas Tomkahazy-Hajek, 2023


Am Graben 28.

3470 Kirchberg a/Wagram