Vienna Calling Quality Time
Absolutely Spotless Insert x Beyonce Spotty Friend
at stud

Elliot decided to stay with us and since then he is charming us with his very sweet and easy going temper. He is known for laying on his back at any time of the day and just enjoying life while smiling like the Cheshire Cat. He is medium sized, with a lovely clean head, correct outlines, great bones and amazing free movement. He broke through the show scene already as a junior, to top it he ended up Junior World Winner in 2019. From this point on he is collecting one breed win after the other and completing champion titles as fast as it goes - being at stud he sired already a couple of gorgeous litters who make us and their owners proud.

For stud inquiries contact us. Frozen & chilled semen on request.

Core dates

  • Callname: Elliot

  • Color: Tricolor (heterozygous)

  • Height at whithers: 38,5cm

  • parents hunting proven

  • HD B2

  • MLS N/N clear by parentage

  • NCCD N/N clear by parentage

  • IGS N/N clear by parentage
  • Lafora N/N clear
  • CAT N/N clear
  • Field trial on hare (AP lt BPO)

Show results

  • Junior World Winner'19
  • International Show Champion (CIE)
  • International Beauty Champion (CIB)
  • Hungarian Grand Champion
  • Romanian Grand Champion
  • Hungarian Show Champion
  • Croatian Show Champion
  • Austrian Champion
  • Slovakian Champion
  • Romanian Champion
  • Transylvanian Champion
  • Chinese Junior Champion
  • Hungarian Junior Champion
  • Macedonian Junior Champion
  • Alpensieger'19
  • Sieger Baden-Württemberg'19
  • Zagreb Winner'19
  • Czech National Winner'20
  • 2x Crufts Qualitfication'20
  • Crufts Qualified for Life
  • res. Junior Best in Show
  • res. Junior Best of Day
  • Junior Best in Show 3rd
  • 2x Crufts Qualitfication'20
  • Crufts Qualified for Life


  • 2020, "Vienna Calling" (A) W litter, dam: Ammirabel Electra - 1 male (tricolor), 2 females (1 tricolor, 1 tan&white)
  • 2021, "Styrian Cottage" (A) F litter, dam: Amber Rose of Styrian Cottage - 4 males (1 tricolor, 3 tan&white), 2 females (tricolor)
  • 2021, "Vienna Calling" (A) B2 litter, dam: Vienna Calling I Am Legend - 2 females (tricolor)
  • 2021, "Vienna Calling" (A) C2 litter, dam: Vienna Calling Oriental Pearl - 4 males (tricolor), 2 females (tricolor)
  • 2022, "Legends of Beagles" (A) J litter, dam: Zumba Mantis - 1 male tricolor, 5 females (3 tricolor, 2 tan&white)
  • 2022, "Legends of Beagles" (A) K litter, dam: Brand Brooke Legends of Beagles - 4 males (tricolor), 4 females (3 tricolor, 1 tan&white)
  • 2022, "Vienna Calling" F2 litter, dam: Vienna Calling I Am Legend - 2 males (tricolor), 1 female (tricolor)
  • 2023, "Vienna Calling" (A) L2 litter, dam: Vienna Calling Oriental Pearl - 5 males (tricolor), 3 females (tricolor)