Basic Drive's Just Start Again
import the Netherlands

Windkist A Walk in the Park x Dialynne Special Delivery
(23.05.2009 - 19.07.2020)

Justin was a dream come true - our cuddly Teddy bear, a rather small boy with lots of ego and stamina. He was always sleeping in our bed, and he was the best feet warmer. With him we started the path of success at the shows, he was not a typical European looking beagle, but his quality was still seen by some breed specialists. He resembled a lot to his world-famous father, Parker. We learned together and started our breeding with him. Some of his offsprings is still doing very well in the rings and in the breeding. We had to let him go by he was doing very poorly, and this was a very hart decision. His loss is still hurting.

Core dates

  • Callname: Justin

  • Breeder: "Basic Drive's" - the Netherlands

  • Color: Tricolor (heterozygous, blue carrier)

  • Height at whithers: 37cm

  • HD A

  • MLS N/N clear

  • NCCD N/N clear

  • IGS N/N clear

  • Lafora clear

  • DNA deposited

  • Blood tracking exam

Show results

  • International Beauty Champion (CIB)
  • International Show Champion (CIE)
  • Slovakian Club Champion
  • Slovenian Grand Champion
  • Serbian Grand Champion
  • Slovenian Champion
  • Italian Champion
  • Serbian Champion
  • Slovakian Champion
  • Romanian Champion
  • Champion of Montenegro
  • Austrian Junior Champion
  • Clubjugendsieger'10 (A)
  • Bundesjugendsieger'10
  • Junior Victory Winner'11
  • Victory Winner'12
  • Best of King Junior'11
  • Winter Winner'13
  • Winter Winner'14
  • Crufts Qualified for Life
  • European Dogshow '10 – intermediate class, exc2, res. CAC


  • 2011, "Vienna Calling" (A) B litter, dam: Maglodi Biggy-Boys Dream - 4 males (tricolor), 2 females (tricolor)
  •  2012, "Vienna Calling" (A) C litter, dam: Vienna Calling All In - 2 males (tricolor), 5 females (3 tricolor/2 tan&white9
  • 2014, "Auximon" (I), dam: Highlite - 4 males (tricolor), 4 females (tricolor)
  • 2015, "Cuddling Cheeks" (D) L litter, dam: Cuddling Cheeks Good N'Plenty - 1 male (tricolor), 4 females (tricolor)
  • 2016, "Bigsmithy" (H) B litter, dam: Maglodi Biggy-Boys Enya - 4 males (tricolor), 3 females (tricolor)
  • 2016, "Vienna Calling" (A) K litter, dam: Beyonce Spotty Friend - 3 males (tricolor), 3 females (tricolor)
  • 2016, A litter "of Houndmusic Meadows (A), dam: Vienna Calling Dana My Dear - 1 male (tan&white), 4 females (tricolor)
  • 2016, "Totally True Love" (SI) E litter, dam: Kira - 3 males (2 tricolor/1 tan&white), 5 females (4 tricolor/1 blue tricolor)
  • 2016, "Moonlightsky" (I) I litter, dam: American Beauty -  4 males (tricolor), 3 females (tricolor)