That's us!

How it all started

  • We are living with our beagle pack in Lower-Austria, in “Weinviertel”. That wasn’t always the case. Our separate dog-story started many years before we got our first beagle, but our common beagle-story had the beginning in 2008.  

  • At that time, we were living – like many of you – in Vienna. And – also like many of you – decided about our first dog while doing lots of researches, while looking at all kind of breeds but we stuck at the beagle. Also like many of you, we wanted a medium sized, cute looking dog with a friendly character – and we also read all the negative stories about the breed. Like they are all greedy, all dumb, just running away, destructive and loud. 

  • Still, we listened to our gut, and choose the beagle. As it began, it was not clear to us, beagles will be the biggest passion in our life. And we also never expected them be just like potato chips, one is not enough.

  • Our first beagle, Lopez (Gold Junior Lopez) joined us in 2008 – he was anything but a typical beagle. He was not greedy, he was obedient, he loved fetch games and swimming and he almost never barked. We followed the advice of his breeder and we entered him to the first shows as a puppy – needless to say, we had likely no idea about showing and handling a dog and the beagle standard meant at that time almost nothing to us. Lopez was not a show dog, he did it only for us. So he reached about a dozen championships, he succeeded at field trials but he still was just our beloved pet dog.
  • Some time later we simply thought, one beagle is no beagle, and took our first female, the Queen – our Dream (Maglodi Biggy-Boys Dream). Well, she showed us immediately upon arrival what a real beagle is! Greedy, loud, obedient only if she wanted to, very smart. The idea of breeding also arrived with her. So, she became (after many champion titles, a working trial and health testing) the base of our breeding. We never wanted just to breed to produce puppies.  We wanted to show, breeding can be something done with heart and knowledge. We wanted (and still want) every puppy to leave us well socialized and reared for many situations which can come up in the everyday life. We wanted (and want) our puppy families to trust us, to know that we are always in the background if help is needed, and to be our partners in a fantastic adventure of raising a beagle puppy.
  • In the meantime, and before our first litter Justin (Basic Drive’s Just Start Again) came to our family. And he was again a different personality – we learned how individual beagles are, and how the stereotypes don’t fit. He was our little macho, he loved showing and winning, he was just the one who always wanted to be in the middle of the attention.
  • And so arrived our first puppies, in 2010 – Olive (Vienna Calling All In) is still in our family, now in 2023 as the eldest of our pack.  Of course, we could continue the line up of all the beagles who lived and are living in our home, who share their life hundred percentile with us, but this would be too long. Meet them on their individual pages!
  • During all the years I (Helena) always wanted to learn and to educate myself for the favor of our own beagles, our puppies and our beloved breed. I finished a two-year long dog trainer and behavior therapist training; I followed many breeding seminars and dog trainer seminars. I became litter controller by the Austrian Beagle Club, and during some long years of learning I passed finally the exam to become a beagle conformation specialist judge. I learned about the Puppy Culture program, and use it by our litters, contributing a lot of time for each puppy in the sensitive time of growing up.
  • Thomas became during the years a successful show handler – he is not only presenting our own dogs in the show ring around Europe and a bit more, but also dogs from other breeds. He also absolved the course and became certified animal shipper, which assures that any dog on board with him is cared professionally.

  • We together stand behind each puppy and each family, we are always here if needed. We are very happy to be able to follow up the lives of our puppies. So far our family days were always a great success and for us they mean a little bit more than Christmas.  

  • We could list up a lot – and I mean LOT – champion titles we earned, many successful results from field trials, from the agility or rally-obedience ring of our dogs and our offspring. We are very proud of any beagles of our breeding who contributed to other breedings and show homes around the world – from the UK till South Africa, from Canada to Guatemala, from Island to Italy and so on. But we are the same proud of every puppy living the life at their perfect homes.

  • The best is, if you think a beagle should join your life just to get in touch with us, we will happily answer any specific question and you can come and meet our fabulous and crazy pack.

Helena & Thomas Tomkahazy-Hajek, 2023