You suspect your dog has eaten something poisinous?

Then you should waste no time and immediately go to the vet, because the sooner your dog may be shown for the treatment, the greater is the probability that the veterinarian can help your beagle!

How to recognize poisoning?

  • The dog pukes often much saliva by poisoning.
  • Mild to severe tremors, general physical weakness and problems with circulation to unconsciousness are indicators of poisoning phenomenon.
  • Cramps in different body regions or paralysis.
  • Retching, vomiting and severe diarrhea in the later course.
  • Difficulty breathing through to respiratory distress and in some cases even breathing stops!
  • Blood in the vomit, stools or urine of the dog.

What to do?

  • The safest course is always to call the veterinarian immediately, because a massive poisoning is often be fatal for the dog, so really, every second counts!
    Very important: Always call vet too, even if you know that he has consultation and therefore he is there. So he can prepare accordingly for your arrival and give you any additional instructions as an emergency measure! 
  • During transport to the vet you should if possible take someone with you. This person should take care while you are driving of the free breathing and a the actual condition of the dog during the trip!
  • If possible, you should take the vomit to the vet for analysis. If available, you can of course take also to the vet the remainder of all eaten substances by your dog such as tablets, house plants or poison bait.
  • If it is about a deliberate poisoning which is by dispersed poison baits you have to warn other dog owners of this danger as soon as possible.