Petite Etoile de la Voix du Der
import France
Jappeloup All Black de Maxcecan x Vienna Calling Janis Joplin
in the breeding

Melba our French girl - we always wanted a daughter of Janis and with the mating of Jappeloup she was born right for us. Melba is a very playful and cuddly girl. She is totally easy no matter what happens. She has a feminine expression and looks always proud of herself. She has a well built body with clean outlines and nice reach and drive. She already succeeded several times in the showring, she passed the field trial and she became a superb instinctful mother. We love her to bits.

Core dates

  • Callname: Melba

  • Breeder: "de la Voix du Der" - France

  • Color: Tricolor

  • Height at whithers: 37cm

  • MLS N/N clear by parentage

  • NCCD N/N clear by parentage

  • IGS N/N clear by parentage
  • Lafora N/N clear
  • Field trial on hare (AP lt BPO)

Show results

  • International Beauty Champion (CIB)
  • International Show Champion (CIE)
  • Hungarian Show Champion
  • Hungarian Champion
  • Macedonian Champion
  • Champion of Montenegro
  • Hungarian Junior Champion
  • Hungarian Minor Puppy Grand Winner
  • Slovakian Puppy Champion
  • Minor Puppy Best in Show
  • Minor Puppy Best in Show#3
  • Junior Best in Show Speciality#3
  • 2x Crufts Qualification'21
  • Crufts Qualified for Life
  • Hungarian Speciality Winner'20
  • Podgorica Winner'20


  • 22.09.2021, D2 litter, sire: Earl Eyko from Serada Garden - 3 males (tricolor), 2 females (tricolor)
  • 31.05.2023, J2 litter, sire: Vienna Calling Young Merlin - 2 males (tricolor), 1 female (tricolor)
  • 09.06.2024, N2 litter, sire: Vienna Calling Lemon Cheesecake - 2 males (tricolor), 4 females (tricolor)