Gold Junior Lopez
import Hungary
Snoopy Kid Ronaldo x Gold Junior Szöpke
(01.03.2008 - 12.12.2022)

Lopez was our first (pet) beagle - he tought us a lot and he was the reason we fell in love with the breed so deeply. Although he was a special beagle, who loved fetching balls and swimming, he was a hunter by heart who still on his 14th birthday went on hunting the hares. He had his own rituals and knew exactly when it was time to get fed or go to the bed. He could achieve some nice titles, but he was not the show boy. He went through the rainbow bridge as he lived - without a bad word. It was a terrible feeling he was taken from us within a short day. He was calm and sovereign, a loyal companion we still miss him every day.

Core dates

  • Callname: Lopez

  • Breeder: "Gold Junior" - Hungary

  • Color: Tricolor (heterozygous)

  • Height at whithers: 41cm

  • HD B

  • MLS - N/N clear

  • NCCD-  N/N clear

  • Field trial on hare (BP lt BPO)

  • Blood tracking exam

Show results

  • International Beauty Champion (CIB)
  • International Show Champion (CIE)
  • Hungarian Show Champion
  • Austrian Champion
  • Balkan Champion
  • Bulgarian Champion
  • Macedonian Champion
  • Champion of Montenegro
  • Serbian Champion
  • Serbian Junior Champion
  • Crufts Qualified for Life
  • European Dogshow'08 - puppy class, very promising 3rd
  • World Dog Show'09 - intermediate class, exc2, resCAC
  • Best in Show 3rd
  • Hunting Dog Speciality Best in Show 4th


  • 2011, A litter "of Royal Emmenthal" (H), dam: Szephegyi-Szimat Tina - 1 female, tricolor
  • 2013, "Vienna Calling" (A) E litter, dam: Vienna Calling All In - 5 males (3 tricolor/2 tan&white), 3 females (tricolor)
  • 2013, "Jalhar" (UK), dam: Jalhar Hi Hopes - 3 males (tricolor), 2 females (1 tricolor/1 tan&white)
  • 2015, (without affixe) (IT), dam: Zagabria - 3 males (tricolor), 2 females (tricolor)