What does it mean grooming your Beagle?

Grooming may sound like some fancy word for pampering your dog, but it is far more than that. Regular grooming is crucial for keeping your beagle healthy. Grooming does not just keep away various infections and health complications from your beagle, but it also helps strengthen the bond between you two. Grooming may sound like one heck of a task, but it’s not. Beagles are easy to groom.

Nail trimming

If you allow the nails to grow long, your dog can rip his nails, which can cause a lot of pain furthermore long nails lead to chronical health issues concerning mobility . That’s why it is recommended to cut your beagle’s nail regularly.
If you notice a nail clicking sound when your beagle walks on the floor, then its time to trim them.  

Make your beagle used to nail trimming as soon as possible and continue the work we started as breeder. There’s no specific age to start trimming nails. Cut them as soon as you you think they are long. 

Conduct the trimming session when your dog is tired and calm. The best time for a puppy would be after his playing time or training session. For an adult beagle, it would be after a long walk.

The most important thing: under the nails of dogs, there is a thin layer of skin known as ‘Quick,’ which you are not supposed to cut or else it will start bleeding. An entire nail of the dog could be divided into two parts: One with the skin under it (quick) and another with no skin, just the nail which you are supposed to cut.

It’s not that scary as it sounds; you just need to be cautious while clipping your beagle’s nails.

It’s easy to spot a quick. 
A beagle might have pinkish-white nails in which it’s super easy to spot quick. A beagle could also have black nails making it a little tricky.

If you accidentally cut the nail with the quick, it will start bleeding, use styptic powder, cornstarch or a soap bar and apply it on the nails immediately to stop bleeping.

You can use different tools for shortening the nails:
  • Scissor Clippers: As the name suggests, they are similar to a pair of scissors but made for cutting dog nails.
  • Guillotine Clippers: You put your dog’s nail inside the hole and position them. Then you press the handle with one quick motion to cut the nail.
  • Automatic grinder: It is a device with which you grind the nail to your desire length. It takes a lot longer to trim down the nails with an automatic grinder. 

Teeth care

You can decide to brush your beagle's teeth or fight against plaque and tartar with different supplements. 
While brushing, make sure you cover the front and back of your beagle’s teeth. Select a toothbrush according to the size of your beagle’s mouth. Also, make sure that it has a firm grip. We prefer a soft toothbrush regardless of the age unless and until your vet suggests another option. 
There are Fingertip Toothbrushes available in which you put the toothbrush on your fingertip and brush your beagle’s teeth. 
One of the best options is an ultrasonic teeth cleaner device (Emmi-Pet), which we can recommend.

NEVER use human toothpaste for a dog, its seriously dangerous. A good quality Dog Toothpaste help kill bacteria, prevent plaque, and fight infection.

Dental treats are not as effective as brushing teeth, but they are really good for a beagle’s dental health. They help remove plaque and freshens the breath. It is recommended to give one dental treat every day.

There exists now dental plaque powders (like Plaque Off) which really do a job, they soften the actual plaque and tartar or help to avoid it. Our dogs get this product daily over their food. 

Dental care should begin as soon as you bring your beagle home. Brushing could help puppies strengthen their gums and prevent infections. It helps adult beagles to avoid plaque buildup.

Coat brushing

Brushing is an essential part of grooming. Regular brushing plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy coat. Benefits of regular brushing include:

  • Removes dead hair from the coat
  • Removes dirt and debris.
  • Evenly spreads healthy body oils on the skin
  • Creates better blood flow
Beagles are shedding the whole year long, sometimes more. To keep their coat nice, shiny & healthy we recommend the use of the Furminator (M short hair) & K9 D-Comb. Supplements like brewer's yeast or salmon oil can be used as a cure.


Beagles are low maintenance. They have short and thick coats, which give them excellent resistance to dirt. Your beagle could be out playing in the yard the whole day, and he will still look clean. Baths do not happen at regular intervals, only if the beagle is stinking dirty or if we think, they can have a bath just to refresh their skin and coat. Best you use a sensitive dog shampoo but in urgent cases also a baby shampoo can do the job.

The quality of your beagle’s coat also depends on what you feed him. Proper diet could make it more shiner and smooth.

Eye & ear care

You can use canine eye wipes to clean your beagle’s eyes or you can also use a clean cloth to do it. Long and floppy ears of your beagle might look super adorable, but they are most likely to get infected. Beagle’s dropped ears block the airflow creating a dark and moist environment making it more likely to get ear infection. And that’s why you should clean your beagle’s ears regularly. 

Paw care

You must check your beagle’s paw regularly for any signs of injury, scratch, or swellings. Paw pads do get dry, which might lead to painful cracks. To prevent this and keep his paws healthy, you should apply paw wax as needed. It moisturizes the paws and prevents dryness and cracks.