Haughmill Here to Stay
import UK
Canequiss Salesman at Haughmill x Llandelio Farmers Passion

Topic arrived as a young adult together with Prof from the UK. We started to live our dream of English Foxhounds practically the first on the continent. Topic is a rather sensitive girl, quite capricious. She needs time to get warm with people but once she loves someone nothing stops her to climb on your lap and collect kisses. She is a nice typey girl, we were over the moon when she was awarded BOS at Crufts. When Prof fell sick she could not get along with him anymore. That was the reason we decided to let her move to one of her sons - that was better for her and also better for Prof in the last weeks of his life. Since Topic enjoys big forest walks and she is happier than ever.

Core dates

  • Callname: Topic
  • Breeder: "Haughmill" - UK
  • Color: Tricolor mottle
  • HD B
  • Working trial (FCI)
  • Show results

    • International Show Champion (CIE)
    • World Winner'17 + BOS
    • Best Opposite Sex Crufts'18
    • Best Bitch Crufts'18
    • 1st Open Class Crufts'18
    • Serbian Champion
    • Alpensieger'17
    • Crufts Qualification'19
    • Crufts Qualification'20
    • Crufts Qualified for Life


  • 2015, "Haughmill" (UK), Sire: Haughmill Prefect
  • 2019,  A  Foxhound litter, sire: Haughmill Prefect - 6 males (2 tricolor/2 lemon&white/2 badgerpied), 2 females (1 tricolor/1 lemon&white)