Every litter is an unique adventure

Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home  - they are supervised carefully from their first breath till they leave our house.  We are avid participants in Puppy Culture program, which aid in great structure and fundamentals for puppies. 

A good breeding begins with a careful planning

Responsible breeding requires a lot of planning, skill and experience. It’s not nearly as simple as pairing two physically healthy dogs together and hoping for the best.  We never shy using fresh bloodlines to work for our breed's diversity and we are not keen on using popular sires.  

Our breedings are planned months to years in advance and each litter is bred with a common goal. Dams and Sires are studied and researched to insure we start with and continue with quality, healthy lines. 

We do not breed solely based on color, titles, pedigree or just being a healthy dog. While health testing is a critical and important aspect of each breeding program, it is only one of many factors that we take into account.No distance or cost is too high for us when planning the next generation.

Responsible breeding

Being a reputable dog breeder means more than just loving dogs. Dog breeding is a huge responsibility made up of hard work and occasional setbacks and disappointments. 

Responsible breeders are:

honest and open

specialized in one breed

breeding under the wings of their breed club, national kennel club & fci (or their partners)
breeding with health tested dogs of excellent conformation and temperament

raising their litters under prime conditions

showing and telling you about his dogs, the dogs have a close relationship to the breeder

taking an active interest on the future owners 

following up the life of their puppies