Vienna Calling Unicorns do Exist
at the Houndmusic Meadows kennel, Austria
Altajara Look but don't Touch x Vienna Calling Judy Garland

Caralotta aka Lotti moved to our long time friends Silvia & Ernst. Their small pack welcomed Lotti upon arrival and she became a full member of the girls-pack of Dana, Marcie & Ziva. Lotti is a gorgeous little girl, lovely and sweet. She has an amazing feminine expression with deep dark eyes, solid outlines, great proportions and moves freely with superb stride. She was not shown often still she has some remarkable titles and beside, she also passed some "companion dog exams" (BH-VT-ÖPO / Wesentest / FCI-IBGH1 ). She is a dream girl for sure who also became a perfect mummy.

Core dates

  • Callname: Lotti

  • Color: Tricolor

  • Height at whithers: 38cm

  • HD B

  • MLS N/N clear by parentage

  • NCCD N/N clear by parentage

  • IGS N/N clear by parentage
  • Lafora N/N clear by parentage
  • Factor VII N/N clear
  • PK Def N/N clear
  • POAG N/N clear
  • CAT N/N clear
  • ECVO Certificate of eye examination - clear (2021)

Show results

  • Clubjugendsiegerin'20 (A)
  • Österreich-Showsiegerin'21


  • 02.04.2023, "Houndmusic Meadows" (A) E litter, sire: Be my heart Bruce W of Pagatia's Clan - 2 males (tricolor), 1 female (tricolor)