Our girls

What is a breeding without gorgeous, lovely girls who make amazing mothers and raise their puppies to the best? Our girls are absolutely cuddly, they are smart (sometimes a bit too smart if it comes to check out fences and find a hole to go for an individual walk) but they are also all champions who meet the breed standard at top. We plan each of their litters with care and try to choose the best males fitting to them. They are all time spoild but just a bit more when expecting and raising puppies.  Their build a team which takes different responsibilities - they youngsters bemuse the puppies, the aunties help by the cleaning (especially by the cleaning of the food bowls), the grannies observe from far and only say a word if the puppies get to cheeky. They are a base of a good breeding and we just love them to bits. You can find here their own pages, and other Vienna Calling girls at other breeders' also do have their menu.