How to properly pick up your puppy?

First and foremost, be at time, as there can certainly be more families waiting to pick up their puppy on the same day, and we have to care of the remaining puppies as for our pack.

If you pick up your puppy from us, it makes sense to transport the dog on a way you can give him physical security, you can touch him and he is not completely alone. On short trips you can travel with the puppy on your lap, on a trip longer than one hour use a transport box.

Bring following with you:
- one second person as a passenger
- spare blanket(s) or towel(s)

- water & bowl (you will get a bowl from us)
- leash/collar (you will get from us)
- household roll, cleaning supplies & bin liners or poop bags for minor or major accidents.
- if necessary, the final payment

If the puppy is calm...

Ideally, if the dog stays calm and shows interest to the surroundings, you are welcome to pet him and talk to him to encourage and reward his positive behavior.

If the puppy is nervous...

However, if the dog is whining and restless, ignore the puppy. Please don't pet and comfort him (even if it's hard!) otherwise you will reinforce the behavior and the dog will continue to whine. Sometimes it helps if you talk in the car with each other or turn on the radio.

Always stop after 1 to 1.5 hours on a longer car trip, leash the dog securely. If he does his business outside the car praise him very well.

Do not let the puppy feed on any short stop, offer only a little bit to drink. Don't worry, the puppy can survive half a day without food - the next meal can take place at home as a first strong bonding step. 

Once you are home, drop a sign to us, that you arrived well home with the puppy.