The beagle on the hunt

The Beagle is one of the oldest hunting dog breeds and has been bred in England for 500 years as a pure breed especially for hunting packs of rabbits. He belongs to the hounds and scent hounds family.

The original task of the beagles was the par force hunting in a pack for a piece of game until it was hold on a point or was brought back. The pack was sent out to look for the tracks of a morning hare that had fallen to wood, and as soon as a dog had picked up a track it indicated this by making a sustained track noise.
Since the hare track is very fleeting and the cloud of scent only stays on the track for a short time, the dogs had to have a very sensitive nose to follow the track.

New methods in the management and hunting of hoofed game stocks have recently given the use of the beagle new possibilities. Dogs with the finest of noses, an enormous willingness to track and a loud track sound are required for scavenger hunts. This is not a coursing hunt, as they follow the game with a deep nose.
In today's conditions, the Beagle is used as a small, versatile hunting dog. Due to its external appearance, its small, compact shape and its social, calm and well-balanced nature, it is ideal for the hunter and family.

The beagle's size and general docility make it an ideal, trouble-free companion. Due to its very good obedience, it can be taken with you without hesitation for any kind of hunting, if it has been prepared for it through training.

The Beagle's strengths when it comes to hunting are undoubtedly its blood tracking work.

If a Beagle is used to tracking, it is no problem for him to keep, pull down or ban a sick piece of deer or a pig until his handler comes. The holding in position of defensive game such as sows is an advantage, as injuries are almost impossible.
The Beagle has found a new field of activity due to the changes in the hunting of hoofed game, and its external appearance, its calm, balanced nature also make it an alternative to our other hunting dog breeds. In terms of hunting, its advantages lies in its loud hunting, its very fine nose and its irrepressible will to work.

The Beagle is a small, versatile hunting dog if you know and respect its limits.

The Austrian Beagle Club organizes yearly hunting training weekends, different hunting trials. Even if we are not hunters and we don't rear our puppies directly for hunting we think, it's very important to keep the function of the beagle alive and breed dogs with existing instincts - so we pass with all our dogs a field trial on hare including shoot proving tests and obedience.