Why a "Vienna Calling"-puppy?

Our breeding dogs are in the first rank family dogs.

We breed exclusively with dogs that meet the breed standard to a high degree, both in appearance and temperament.
Although not many health tests are mandatory in Austria, our dogs are tested for various diseases (MLS, NCCD, IGS, CAT, Lafora ...). We always strive to be up to date.
We have beagles in our breeding that have been handed down for generations, for example great-grandma - grandmother - mother - daughter - etc live with us.
Our dogs live in a family covenant, they are kept lovingly, consistently and appropriately.
The accompaniment of the mother before and during the whelping and the raising of the puppies are done by a round-the-clock care of us.

Our mothers get the best before and after a birth, and they decide when to let the other members go to the puppies.
Our puppies are cleaned and treated by the other bitches in addition to the mother, our males are an important part of the raising by consistently setting boundaries.
The puppies only go into the family when their level of development is so far that we can let them go. The puppies may leave our house at the earliest with completed 8 weeks (from the 9th week)!
We form the puppy time playfully with the necessary know-how according the most modern cynological methods (ENS, Puppy Culture, etc). We continue to train ourselves, we visit in addition to breeder seminars and also further education trainings for dog trainers.
The puppies collect experiences that shape their lives. Our puppy playground has a wobble bridge, a swing, a balance board, various surfaces, a ball and water bath, a seesaw, a crawl tunnel, etc. Our puppies practice driving, explore new areas, know the collar and leash, get used to a whistle signal , grow up with everyday noise (vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, washing machine, hair dryer, cordless screwdriver, lawn mower, drill ...) and last but not least, we are already working on the housebreaking.
We make our work transparent on our homepage, and on our Facebook page or Insta account, so they are almost always up-to-date with photos and videos.
We own a What'sApp group in which almost all puppy owners are represented. An active exchange between like-minded people and breeders is guaranteed. You can always ask for advice or help or just post your stories and photos with your dog.
You can follow the evolution of all our puppies, every litter has an info page and a photo gallery. 
We look forward to getting to know you early - you are welcome to visit us before birth so that you can get an idea of ​​the expectant mother, us and our breed.
You are allowed to be part of the growing up of the puppies, so that you can follow the developmental steps and be able to establish a bond with your future puppy as early as possible. Visits are desired from the 4th week by arrangement. If a visit is not possible due to the distance, we will keep in touch by phone and in writing so that you can be part of it "live".
We choose your puppy together - the puppies are not "assigned" by us. A selection is based on your wishes and preferences, our assessment of the puppy and the observations. You have no obligations at us - neither using the name we gave to the puppy nor to visit obligatory any shows or whatever. If you do it, we will be happy and proud - but in this family nothing is a must!
Our dogs and puppies are subject to veterinary supervision and are accompanied by our veterinarian of trust before and during the birth (if necessary), regularly checked, chipped and vaccinated.
We are a recognized breeder of the breed Beagle - our breeding dogs are legally registered, we breed in the framework of the FCI / ÖKV and Austrian Beagle Club. We breed according the breed regulations of our breed club, our puppies are not only vet checked but also controlled by the Austrian Beagle Club.
Our kennel has some important awards from our breed club and from the ÖKV.
Our offspring can be found all over the world (from Canada to Italy, from Germany to Hungary, from the UK to Malta or to South Africa...) - we are proud of the successes of our dogs and thank for the trust placed in us by many breeders in our country or abroad for either have used our males or based their own breeding on Vienna Calling.
Our puppies leave our house with: a copy of the pedigree (the original will be forwarded per post), an EU pet passport, a copy of the litter report, a purchase contract, a veterinary certificate, a starter pack consisting of the usual food, other food samples, a blanket with the smell of mum and siblings, some toys, a collar and a leash, some bowls, an USB card with all the necessary information for the early days including all photos of the litter, and other trifles.
Your puppy can almost always come to us when you go on vacation, or you have a care problem at short notice.
After the puppy moves from us, you will receive companionship, advice, consultations, suggestions for improvement from our side for a dog's life, if you desire so.
We give our puppies exclusively to families, whom we got to know and where our gut feeling says - our baby will have it well there.
If your life circumstances have changed or if something tragic happens to you, we are the first point of contact and we take your beagle temporarily to us, we help to rehome or we take him back to us. We could not bear to find one of our dogs in a shelter or not knowing what happened to them.
We organize family reunions every year, you are invited and you are welcome to join, to see your dog's mother and siblings, to chat with the others, and to make us happy to be able to see your dog again.