The first puppy visit - in the sense of our dogs & puppies

A puppy visit is possible from the 4th week of life at the earliest, depending on the development of the puppies

  • Please be on time for the appointment (or contact us briefly if you are unexpectedly late or even too early!) – it may happen that we have guest dogs, sick dogs, bitches in heat, management is required.

  • Only close family members should come at the first visit. We are very happy if a friend or grandma comes with you later on, but the first meeting should not be too much for the puppies (and us).
  • Use the disinfection mat at the entrance - so that the germs picked up by the shoes on the street are killed. The disinfectant is not harmful to doggy friends.  Wash/disinfect your hands.

  • Please never plan to visit one breeder after the other - different breeders have different germ environments, so you may unconsciously introduce germs that can even be life-threatening, especially for the puppies.
  • Come in clean clothes - do not put your clothes back on if you have been to another breeder's or have touched dogs, cats etc. on the way/at neighbors' or been at the dogschool with your other dog. The reason, as above, is an increased risk of certain contagious diseases.

  • Please come with "simple" clothing – it's quite possible that the pack will greet you with a paw print, some dog hair and a few kisses. Any loose clothes, jewelry, shoelaces or knitted items can be very attractive for the puppies.

  • If you have a flu, we prefer to postpone the puppy visit. On the one hand, of course, the puppies can get infected from you - but it can definitely happen to us breeders too. And a sick breeder is definitely not fun for the puppies either.

  • Please take off your shoes in the inner area, but also in the puppy garden.
  • Please do not pick up the puppies. They can be gently held - front and back - placed on your lap while sitting only. Pay special attention to your children!
  • Please take a small blanket/t-shirt/stuffed toy… with you on your first visit. This piece should smell like every member of the family, and the puppy gets this for his last nights to sleep with it and then takes it with him when he moves out together with a blanket that smells like mama & pack.
  • Please be as calm as possible when visiting the puppies. The puppies are still very young and easily stressed or overexcited. They have to be gradually accustomed to our life. We do a lot to ensure the puppies are as socialized as possible, but they can only gradually get used to different things, different sounds and different people.
  • We would like to ask you to sensitize your children in particular to the fact that puppies are extremely sensitive and should only be handled with care and with great consideration.
  • Enjoy the time with the puppies, also take time to observe – don't fixate on just one pup, give everyone a chance.  They don't show much character by the time of your first visit, it comes later, so we recommend choosing the right puppies together around the age of 6–7-week-old.

  • It is useful if you write down any questions in advance and we can discuss them together. Otherwise, it may be that you completely forget the questions when cuddling the puppies and only realize when you get home that you didn't ask us them.

  • Plan a maximum of 1-1.5 hours for the first visit, this is easy to manage for the puppies, and so our "staff" has the time between visitors to amuse the pack, to look after the puppies, etc...
  • Actual puppy families have a priority by visiting us during puppy times but if you are interested for a puppy in the future we can certainly find a spot so you can visit us meet our pack and maybe also puppies.