New Year's Eve

Our Beagles are not really impressed by the firecrackers at New Year's Eve - but it can always happen that they get scared during a walk by a crack, or there can still be some that aren't so really relaxed at the New Year's Eve in the city. All years the same, and the Silvester time can become a nightmare for the dogs.

We collected some advices - they can be used already in advance but also in a "fear case". Not just at New Year's Eve but also by fireworks on any occasions or by storms.

On the days before New Year's Eve...

  • leave your dog on leash while walking. Chose the walking times when there are most probably no firecrackers. Take care by open house/garden doors, also a dog who wasn't previously scared can be shocked to panic by a firecracker.
  • don't leave the dog already days before New Year's Eve alone. If you have to, a running radio can help to soften the cracks from outside.
  • you can try to associate the firecrackers with something positive if your dog is attentive to a firecracker you can assure and reward. But only reward attention and not fright!


  •  if you know your dog is extremely in panic speak in time with your vet! Don't use any medicament on your own! Hands off from Aceprozamin and co!
  • train your dog with f.ex a noise CD
  • go for holidays to a quiet place for New Year's Eve
  • learn body works (f.ex Tellington Touch) or learn the dog to wear a "Thundershirt" - it can help!

  At New Year's Eve

  •  never leave your dog alone!
  • and don't either take him to the fireworks at the streets!
  • a running radio or a tv, darkened rooms can soften the impulses from outside.
  • thinking protects from panic: occupy the dog - tricks, exercises, nose work, the favorite game and rewards can distract
  • chewing keeps calm: give your dog already before the big firecrackers a long lasting tasty chewy

Additional tips

  • take the fear of your dog seriously!
  • if your dog wants to hide, let him go to the place he wants to, if to cellar, under the bed or into the bath.
  • if your dog is looking for your vicinity give him care and protection what he seeks for. It is a mistake not to comfort and ignore the fear of the dog! If you stay also relaxed, your care and protection is good for the dog.
  • you can escape the New Year's Eve Stress if you think about to spend the holidays on a quiet place with your dog or you drive away in time before midnight with your dog in the car with radio on to a calm place or on the highway and you only return if it is all over