How to choose a puppy?

For choosing a puppy there is not such as a list just to go through but it is a bit more complicated thing. Some rely on the opinion of the internet (LOL), on some professionals, others would like to make a line of tests with the puppies. Some still believe in the urban legend, the first puppy who comes to one is the right one. But there is no such as perfect method, it is always an individual issue – depending on the puppy individual and the upcoming family-to be.

We recommend that even though you maybe already have a “fav” from the puppy pics or videos we share with you to be open and give time to all puppies once you are here. Of course, if you have gender or color preferences, this will exclude some puppies from the choice. The more fix preferences you have the harder to find the right puppy.

We, as breeder are the most important persons to support you in this important process. We know our puppies at best – we see them all day, we know how they are. They may be soft and sleepy when you come and two hours later, they become killing piranhas. You can’t simply decide by the short frequency you meet them.

We would like to ask you, to tell us about your preferences, let us speak about your ideas how your puppy should be. Do you have children in your home? What is your activity level? Do you plan to go any obedience or agility with your dog? And so on…

With the information from your side, eventually your preferences by color we can try to catch the right one for you according personality and temperament. Believe me, I am sitting countless hours with the puppies to evaluate them – to see their personality and to think about whom this particular puppy would match.

That is the reason, we say, we don’t choose a puppy for you or we don’t just let you choose – we choose together. For a future family member, it is important that we, you and the puppy are on the same waves.