Is your home puppy proof?

There are several dangers in a home which  your puppy should avoid. 
Please make sure that you keep medication, toiletries and cleaning supplies out of the reach of your dog. 


Carpets & rug can be used as pee pads, better remove as long your puppy is not house clean. 
Shoes are every puppy's favorite chew items, better put them in a closed cabinet.
Hanging clothes can also become great toys, better put them in a higher or closed cabinet.
Decoration items like wicker baskets are better out of reach of the puppy.

Stairs & terrace

Secure stairs with child gates. Puppies can't judge danger or height.
Open stairs can be a risk even with adult dogs, if they run fast downwards, their legs can be caught in the open steps which can cause broken legs very rapidly. 
Also secure open railing areas with a distance of more than 10 cm between the individual bars - you can use grids, plexi or wooden boards.
Secure as well your terrace or balcony attach grids or nets to any place where your puppy could get through or jump on.

Living room

As told, rugs & fur could become pee pads for a puppy. Better move them away.
Drinks or candles on the table can fall over, food can disappear - don't leave the puppy unsupervised.
Textiles hanging from the sofa, curtains hanging low can be chewed on and pulled away - better elevate them as long your puppy doesn't understand it.
Plants are popular digging and chewing objects. Some plants are also poisonous - check them and put them on a higher place.
Better tie up or hide any tangled cables.
Beware of open cupboards/shelves near the floor, items can be chewed, knocked over.
If necessary, secure sockets with child safety devices.


Eliminate cable clutter - dogs love to chew on cords and pull all the electronics off the table, so tie cords up or run them in metal or plastic conduits.
Store important documents and books out of dog's reach. 
Keep trash out of dog's reach.


Your dog don't really need to be in the bathroom except you bathing him. The best way to keep him away is a closed door.
If your puppy has still access to the bath better close the toilet lid, put toilet paper up, remove the bath mat. Put your laundry baskets out of reach or use closed ones. Do not leave laundry on the floor. Hang towels high. Be careful with cables and keep toiletries away. 


The kitchen might be the favorite place of your puppy. You can make it dog proof while putting away the cleaning products, keeping the garbage covered, keeping food out of reach, not leaving plastic bags out (they could suffocate), secure sharp objects and childproof lock your cabinets (some dogs are truly smart and can open any door or cabinet). Remember, one moment we all fall and the beagle will collect some food from the kitchen counter or table. 


A garden fence with a beagle is a must!
Pools and ponds must be secured, dogs shall only be allowed by the waters with supervision.
Secure fruit and vegetable plantations as well - unless your beagle will eat everything directly from the plants.
Also secure valuable flowers or beds.
Be careful with flower pots - these are often knocked over in the heat of the moment or used for digging,
Forbid digging in the lawn and in the ground - as alternative offer a sandpit for your dog.
Be careful with garden lighting. Any cables will surely fall victim to the puppy teeth.
Be careful with gravel & bark mulch so that nothing gets swallowed.
Remove or fence in poisonous plants.
Keep fertilizers, pesticides, etc. out of the reach of dogs and only use products suitable for dogs in the future.